Orewa has restaurants, cafes, shopping and movie theatres
Enjoy waterfront shopping and activities

Orewa Beach is a bustling little town with lots to offer. The beach itself is the town’s most stunning feature: three kilometres of gently sloping clean white sand with surf. Near the waterfront are lots of excellent restaurants and cafés. For some that we recommend click here.

There are also stylish gift shops and clothing shops as well as all the business and conveniences you would expect in a thriving town, including your choice of supermarkets and two chemists.

Within a short 10-15 minute drive of the holiday park, you can visit movie theatres, thermal hotpools or even ski all year round in the Snowplanet snow dome. Even on a rainy day there’s still lots to do. 

Click through the menu above to see some of the great things you can do in the region, including special offers and discounts available to Top 10 guests.

Orewa township has a lot to offer